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Transmission is Sandrine Deville solo synthwave/dark-wave project.

As a freelance concept art designer known as Bluefactoriz, she has tinkered her own violin, named Transmission, built using 3D printing. Its shape is inspired by "Unknown Pleasures"'s album sleeve from the Manchester band "Joy Division" : the white mysterious curves depicted on the sleeve represents pulsars, some weird dying stars. So this cold/post-punk/synthpop/dark-wave/electro universe has inspired Sandrine when she has composed her 9 titles album named "Cosmos" that will be released by the end of 2020 on "Wave Records" label. Analogic synths pulsed by old-school drum machines are influenced by the 80s. A dark and intimate atmosphere, the creation of electronic sounds and her outstanding violin shape her lyrics. This all-white violin appears in the book "Joy Division, paroles de fans" from Pedro Peñas Robles published by "Camion Blanc".

The first song, "Cosmos", has its own video-clip made of film footages from the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", directed by Robert Wiene in 1920. It is available on YouTube :

Synths, additional drum machines, sound design, musical arrangement, mixing and mastering have been done by Jean-Philippe Torres (aka Drone from "Dark Line Spectrum" and "Vivid Atmoshpere"), in his studio "Drone Studio", whose contact is :

credit: Francis Carrouché, 2016

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